Meeting of the minds

NCSE Teacher Ambassador Rebecca Brewer engages in a bioengineering activity.

What do you get when you bring together 42 NCSE-affiliated science teachers from around the country? Collaboration, camaraderie, and constant learning.

Twelve of NCSE’s teacher ambassadors and several members of NCSE’s staff met on the campus of Colorado State University July 9-12 to take a deep dive into NCSE’s recently completed lesson sets on evolution, climate change, and the nature of science. These teachers are planning to teach some or all of the lessons in the upcoming school year — and support colleagues in teaching them, too.

Before the teacher ambassadors departed, they were joined by 30 curriculum field testers — science teachers who have been trying out parts of the lesson sets and reporting the results back to NCSE staff with an aim towards revising and improving them.

The full days included the teachers trying out activities that they’ll be asking their students to engage in, interacting with guest presenters, and enjoying field experiences that highlighted the rich possibilities of place-based science learning. Below are just a few photos from the event.

NCSE Teacher Support Partner Specialist facilitates.

As part of a place-based-learning field experience, the participants searched for macroinvertebrates in Colorado's Poudre River.

There was plenty of time for collaboration and conversation.

One NCSE nature of science activity calls on students to test the efficacy of different masks. The teacher ambassadors put themselves in their students' shoes to better understand the lesson.

All lessons are freely available online. The participants were given time to peruse and digest the lessons' many resources.

Paul Oh
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Paul Oh is Director of Communications at NCSE.