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We help students overcome common misconceptions about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science.

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Nature of Science Lesson Sets

The five lesson sets below were developed with the help of practicing science teachers and tackle the most common and pervasive nature of science misconceptions that students bring to the classroom. Contact us with feedback or questions.

Lesson Set One — Science is a Way of Knowing

It’s imperative that all students have a basic understanding of the scientific process. In this lesson set, students gain insight into how science works and an understanding that the process of science is ongoing and that scientific analysis evolves as new evidence emerges. They also gain valuable skills in evaluating the validity of online resources and popular media content that pertains to scientific experimentation and study.

Lesson Set Two — Science is a Never-Ending Process

One of the scientific terms most commonly misunderstood by the public is the word theory. By investigating germ theory in this lesson set, students understand how a theory can change over time while still maintaining its scientific rigor and relevance. Additionally, by participating in a historical case study, students discard the common misconception of a linear, systematic scientific method as the only blueprint for achieving discovery.

Lesson Set Three — Science is an Inquiry-Based Process

This lesson set allows students to see the power of modeling as part of the scientific process. By using models, scientists are able to develop numerous hypotheses, make claims, and engage in inquiry-driven experimentation. Models are often used when the subject of interest is not readily manipulated or available for use in nature due to either scale or complexity.

Lesson Set Four — Science is About the Evidence

The practice of science is conducted in a cyclic way, with scientists working back and forth between pursuing exploration and discovery, assessing benefits and outcomes, and developing analysis and feedback. At the core of this process is evidence, against which ideas in science are constantly tested. This lesson set is intended to allow students to experience evidence in action and appreciate its importance to the scientific process.

Lesson Set Five — Science Can Make You Strong

One of the most essential challenges for high school science teachers is: How do you help students distinguish between sound science and unintentional misinformation or even blatant pseudoscience? This lesson set asks students to apply information and insights gained from the first four nature of science storylines to investigate an important current topic — the effectiveness of masks in preventing the spread of diseases.

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