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Teaching evolution and climate change can be challenging in communities where many people distrust or reject the well-established evidence for these areas of science. NCSE helps classroom teachers and informal science educators present these topics with confidence and support communities when threats to evolution and climate change education emerge.

Our talented staff, well-versed in online presentation delivery, can bring dynamic and unique virtual presentations to your community, university, or conference. With deep expertise in the current state of evolution and climate change education, effective communication and teaching techniques, the history of anti-science efforts in the U.S., and more, an NCSE speaker can inform and inspire your community to improve how evolution and climate science are taught and communicated.

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Ann Reid

Executive Director, NCSE

Ann Reid's presentations can be tailored to the interests of your specific audience, be they scientists, educators, graduate students, policy makers, or concerned citizens. Topics that can be covered include: how societal controversy over climate change and evolution affects the science classroom, how teachers can address and resolve students’ misconceptions about evolution and climate change, how to engage in productive conversations about climate change and evolution with doubters, how scientists can be more effective communicators, and more.

Glenn Branch

Deputy Director, NCSE

Glenn Branch is available to speak on the history and current state of the campaigns against the teaching of evolution in the United States and doubt and denial as challenges to and in teaching climate change. He is also able to discuss creationism and the philosophy of science, creationism and the philosophy of religion, and various specialized topics (including trivia from the Scopes trial) on request.

Lin Andrews

Director of Teacher Support, NCSE

Lin Andrews helps teachers across the country teach evolution, climate change, and the nature of science effectively, even in the face of social controversy. She is available to speak about the challenges and opportunities facing science teachers, a topic to which she brings firsthand experience as a former high school teacher and curriculum developer in Kansas. She is also available to discuss NCSE's ongoing efforts to help science teachers, including a suite of misconception-based learning lesson plans.