Facebook Fundraisers

Find out how you can help raise money for NCSE through Facebook fundraisers

Raise Funds for NCSE through Facebook

Your friends can help you celebrate your birthday - or another special occasion - and invest in youth gaining the uncompromised science education they need and deserve. It’s a double win!

Simply take a couple of minutes to set up a fundraiser on Facebook for NCSE following the steps below.

Step 1: In your facebook news feed, in the menu on the left side, click “Fundraisers.”

Step 2: In the “Raise Money for a Nonprofit,” click “Select Nonprofit.”

Step 3: Search and select the National Center for Science Education.

Step 4: Write the name of your fundraiser, set your fundraising goal and its end date, then write a brief note in the “Why are you raising money?” box, or simply use the message we’ve provided.

Step 5: Choose a cover photo from the many options.

Step 6: Click “create."

Pro Tips

  • Repost it several times, particularly on the first day, to boost the chances your friends will see it.
  • When you set up the fundraiser, select friends you think will be interested in supporting NCSE’s work by choosing their names for the “invite friends” option.
  • If you are able, considering matching each gift and telling your friends you’re doing so in your “About” story. It will double the impact of the fundraiser and inspire others to give.