"Evolution isn't just a story about where we came from. It's an epic at the center of life itself."

Kenneth R. Miller, President of NCSE's Board of Directors and Professor of Biology at Brown University


Millions of students don't get an accurate science education

How do we know?

The National Center for Science Education believes they deserve better.

The Root of the Problem

Science teachers recognize that evolution and climate change are widely misunderstood or rejected in many places.

Teaching these topics without specific training is challenging. Many teachers avoid these well-established yet culturally controversial areas of science to avoid conflict.

60% of high school biology teachers teach evolution inaccurately or inadequately.

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40% of middle and high school teachers teach climate change inaccurately.

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How We Help

The National Center for Science Education:

Our Impact

Supporting Teachers

Teacher Ambassadors across 29 states and Puerto Rico

Breaking Down Barriers

Graduate Student Outreach Fellows in 7 states

Catalyzing Action

States with anti-science education legislative activity in 2019

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February 18, 2020
House File 2184, introduced on January 30, 2020, and referred to the House Education Committee, would, if enacted, require the state board of education to adopt a code of ethics to prevent public school teachers in the state from engaging in what it describes as "political or ideological…
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The Idaho Senate Education Committee unanimously voted to approve the state science standards on February 12, 2020, according to Idaho Education News (February 12, 2020). Although the House Education Committee voted earlier to repeal the standards, as NCSE previously reported, the Senate Education…
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NCSE's deputy director Glenn Branch contributed "All Aboard the Evolution Bus!" (PDF) to the February 2020 issue of The American Biology Teacher, published by the National Association of Biology Teachers. Branch's column focused on NABT's recently updated statement on the teaching of…
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Darwin Day resolutions have been again introduced in both houses of Congress, according to a February 12, 2020, press release from the American Humanist Association. The resolutions — House Resolution 847 and Senate Resolution 495 — would, if passed, express support of designating February 12, 2020…
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It took less than five minutes to destroy my YouTube recommendations. I’ll admit that sometimes I go undercover to lurk around climate skeptic Facebook groups. In order to be effective at my job, I need to understand the nuances of the climate change misinformation campaign and there is no better…
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