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Millions of students are not getting the science education they deserve. NCSE is working to change that.

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Supports Teachers

Our Supporting Teachers program provides free lesson sets that help students overcome common misconceptions about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science.

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Investigates Science Education

The findings from our Making the Grade? research report assessing the treatment of climate change in every state's science standards continue to garner media attention.

Making the Grade? In the News

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer Amid climate change crisis, Pa.'s science curriculum falls short
  • Yale Climate Connections Many states get poor grades on their climate education standards
  • Houston Chronicle Education watchdogs give Texas an 'F' for its climate change curriculum

“Working with NCSE has been life changing.” Jeff Grant, NCSE Teacher Ambassador

Watch Jeff Grant explain the impact of NCSE's lessons on his students and his teaching

New NCSE Executive Director Amanda L. Townley knows firsthand the challenges students and educators face when it comes to teaching accurate science.

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“NCSE is doing such a great job supporting teachers. I have been able to come to them many times, not only for big issues that affect teachers across my whole state, but also to have someone listen to me when I’m having a tough day.” Ericca Thornhill, NCSE Teacher Ambassador

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