Our Impact

At the National Center for Science Education, we help ensure students across the country get the accurate, effective evolution and climate science education they deserve.

Our work is based on a simple, but powerful premise:

Local leaders—master science teachers, community outreach organizers, and citizens mobilized against threats to science education—are in the best position to help their communities overcome misconceptions and misinformation about climate change and evolution.

NCSE Makes an impact by Supporting Teachers

Our Supporting Teachers program provides free lesson sets that help students overcome common misconceptions about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science.

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2,431 lesson sets downloaded to help students resolve misconceptions about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science

NCSE Makes an impact by Catalyzing Action

NCSE is the go-to source for up-to-date information on threats to the integrity of the science classroom. In 2022, NCSE monitored the actions related to science education in 17 states and continued to support local citizens in their efforts to take action if necessary when challenges to accepted science occurs in their communities.

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17 states we're monitoring

NCSE Makes an impact by Investigating Science Education

Investigating Science Education produces high-quality research relevant to understanding, maintaining, and improving science education, especially with regard to socially but not scientifically controversial topics such as evolution and climate change.

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50 states and the District of Columbia covered by our research

Nearly half of all states scored a C+ or worse for the way their science standards treat climate change, according to a 2020 study conducted by NCSE and the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund.

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“NCSE is doing such a great job supporting teachers. I have been able to come to them many times, not only for big issues that affect teachers across my whole state, but also to have someone listen to me when I’m having a tough day.” Ericca Thornhill, NCSE Teacher Ambassador

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Teaching evolution continues to be a challenge. Executive Director Ann Reid makes this point in a Los Angeles Times op-ed marking the 50th anniversary of a Supreme Court decision overturning bans on teaching evolution.

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