Creation/Evolution Journal

Editor's Note

And so we begin another debate in the pages of Creation/Evolution! In the past, creationists R. G. Elmendorf, Robert E. Kofahl, Norman L. Geisler, and E. W. Faulstich have participated here in such printed exchanges. Creationist authors Duane Gish, Carl Baugh, John Morris, Robert V. Gentry, and perhaps others have used different forums to respond to Creation/Evolution articles. Meanwhile, most Creation/Evolution articles are written in response to things published by leading creationist authors. So, in a sense, debate is what this journal is about.

However, the editors wish to avoid duplication of arguments already made. Because some of the arguments in the current exchange have been adequately addressed previously, those seeking to comment in our letters-to-the-editor section are asked to read at least the following past Creation/Evolution articles:

  • "The Bombardier Beetle Myth Exploded" by Christopher Gregory Weber (III)
  • "Why Creationism Should Not Be Taught as Science—Part 2: The Educational Issues" by Frederick Edwords (III)
  • "The Bombardier Beetle Shoots Back" by Robert E. Kofahl (V)
  • "Response to Dr. Kofahl" by Christopher Gregory Weber (V)
  • 'Are There Human Fossils in the 'Wrong Place' for Evolution?" by Ernest C. Conrad (VIII)
  • "Creationist and Fundamentalist Apologetics: Two Branches of the Same Tree" by Robert M. Price (XIV)
  • "The Role of 'Nebraska Man' in the Creation-Evolution Debate" by John Wolf and James S. Mellett (XVI)
  • "Creationists and the Australopithecines" by Martin K. Nickels (XIX)
  • "Creationists and the Pithecanthropines" by C. Loring Brace (XIX)
  • "Creationists and Neandertal" by Ernest C. Conrad (XIX).
This version might differ slightly from the print publication.