Creation/Evolution Journal

About this issue . . .

We are grateful to two leading creationists who have made contributions to this issue.

The first is Dr. Norman Geisler. You may recall his participation in an earlier debate on the concept of design in nature, which began with issue XIII and continued through issue XXIII. Then, in issue XXIII, there appeared an article by Tom McIver that showed how creationists had misquoted Clarence Darrow in support of their own cause. One such creationist was Dr. Geisler. So, in these pages, Dr. Geisler acknowledges the error and adds new information to further set the record straight. However, in his final four paragraphs, he adds arguments as to why Darrow was wrong in the position he actually took. Some of these arguments have been answered in previous issues of Creation/Evolution, so we felt that no rebuttal was necessary in this one. Other arguments are effectively answered in the article by Stanley Rice that immediately follows.

The second leading creationist to contribute to this issue is Dr. Walter T. Brown, Jr. He is a participant in a written debate with Jim Lippard which covers a number of arguments. We expect this spirited exchange to continue into future issues of Creation/Evolution.

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