Scientists often disagree about how to interpret evidence

Summary of problems with claim:

This claim is true, and this is exactly why the status of standard evolutionary theory is so secure. Scientist are inherently skeptical and actively challenge both new and old ideas. Evolution is a strong theory because it has withstood these challenges.

Full discussion:

Scientists disagree about the extent to which molecular evidence shows that natural selection has been the most important factor in evolutionary history. They disagree about the degree and importance of deviations from monophyly in early evolution. But they agree that descent with modification through natural mechanism is the only explanation of the unity and diversity of life on Earth.

Given, as the authors of Explore Evolution say, that scientists often disagree about how to interpret evidence, the absence of any credible scientific disagreement on the evidence for evolution shows how well-confirmed that theory is. Scientists do disagree about how to interpret evidence--and evolutionary theory has withstood this scrutiny.

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