Critique Summary

Problems throughout Explore Evolution

  • Social controversy is misidentified as scientific dispute.
  • Basic terminology is misdefined.
  • Scientists are misrepresented.
  • Pedagogical principles are misunderstood.
  • The book's creationist agenda is misleadingly obscured.
  • Research papers are miscited.
  • Government policies are cited inaccurately.
  • Scientists are quoted out of context in a manner that grossly misrepresents their views.

Anatomical Homology

  • Fails to define "homology" (correctly).
  • Fails to explain how modern evolutionary biologists actually use the concept
  • Ignores the fact that the term "homology" has been superseded by clearer concepts.

Molecular Machines

  • repeats erroneous statements and discredited claims about the bacterial flagellum
  • ignores scientific research that has disproven its claims
  • makes claims central to the "intelligent design" movement while avoiding the term "intelligent design"

Table of Contents