Creation/Evolution Journal

About this issue and the next . . .

The theme of this issue is the philosophy of science as it applies to the creation-evolution controversy. This is a broad topic and therefore a number of articles were required to cover the relevant aspects of it.

The first two articles focus upon the question of whether evolution is testable. This is in response to the common creationist charge that evolution is not science because it is allegedly nonfalsifiable. Authorities who creationists quote in support of this contention are carefully analyzed. The next three articles discuss how science works, how "creation science" differs from science, and how both differ from nonscience.

The issue concludes with articles and letters that develop themes touched upon in previous issues of Creation/Evolution.

Issue XIX will focus upon the hominid fossil record. The evidence for human evolution will be summarized and the standard creationist counterarguments answered.

This version might differ slightly from the print publication.