Voices for Evolution

Voices for Evolution is a project of the NCSE to collect the full diversity of organizations and perspectives in support of teaching evolution in the public schools. These statements represent the consensus view of the scientific community that evolution is well-supported, and that failing to teach it is a disservice to students.

"Voices for Evolution is a beacon for students, teachers, and the curious public who never knew the full extent that biological evolution is recognized and accepted among secular as well as religious organizations." — Neil deGrasse Tyson

We hope Voices for Evolution will assist in spreading this important message to members of the public and those responsible for the decisions which shape our children's educations.

"This book should be in every school, in every science classroom. It should be in every church and in every politician's hands. It is a wonderful guide to the reasons for teaching evolution in our schools, and proof that we do our students a grave disservice if we keep them from one of the jewels in the crown of science." — Michael Ruse

A printed copy of Voices for Evolution, third edition, can be purchased from Lulu.com; a PDF copy is available free for download here. A number of statements have been added to Voices for Evolution since the third edition (2008): see the fully up-to-date lists of statements from scientific and scholarly, educational, religious, and civil liberties organizations below.

"The power and importance of this book derive from the lucidity and logic of each contribution. This is a book that needs to be in the hands of every teacher in the United States." — Nina Jablonski

Statements from Scientific and Scholarly Organizations

Statements from Educational Organizations

Statements from Religious Organizations

Statements from Civil Liberties Organizations

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