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Update On Creation Bills and Resolutions

The chart below shows the states where creation bills and "equal time" school board resolutions have been introduced, and the results thereof. We appreciate the work of the creationist Citizens for Fairness in Education (2820 Le Conte Rd., Anderson, SC 29621) for keeping track of these things. It saves us a lot of trouble.

The promotional piece which featured this chart stated the case fairly: "There is no law in any one of the fifty states prohibiting the presentation of creation-science; nor is there any law mandating exclusive teaching of evolution. That makes creation-science presentation in our public schools optional, and optional it will remain unless balanced treatment is mandated by law." This piece, dated October, 1980, then went on to add, "We do not recommend the 'resolution' (non-mandatory) route because it leaves fairness in the 'options' category." This is the opposite of the position taken by the Institute for Creation Research, in San Diego, California.

States with an asterisk (*) by them have used the 1979 "model" bill draft issued by Citizens for Fairness in Education. Their 1980 "model" seems to have more chrome and bigger fins, and is the basis for Robert Schadewald's article in this issue. The creationist plan is to push the newer version in the 1981 legislative sessions.

State Bill introduced Bill
Houses passed Resolutions
Florida* x H. 107 80 0 - - Both died in committee
    S. 90          
Georgia x H. 690 79 2 x (several) Did not get final passage.
80 Bill dead.
Illinois* x S. 1478 80 0 - - Died in committee.
Iowa x S. 261 79 0 - - Died in committee.
Kentucky x H. 889 80 0 - - Died in committee.
Louisiana x   80 0 - -  
Minnesota x   80 0 - - Defeated in committee.
New York x A. 8569 80 0 - - Died in committee.
Ohio - - - - x 1  
S. Carolina* x H. 3444 80 0 - - Died on House agenda.
Tennessee x H. 749 76,77 0 - - Died in committee.
    S. 997 79,80        
Texas - - - - x (several)  
W. Virginia - - - - x 1  
Wisconsin - - - - x 1  
Washington x S. 2444 74 0 - - Died in committee.
    H. 994          
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