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Self-Correction Corner

The editors regret mistakes made in two recent articles in Creation/Evolution and acknowledge that the errors were those of the editors and not the original authors.

In Number VI, a typographical error appeared in "Misquoted Scientists Respond." On page forty, paragraph three, Laurie Godfrey wrote, "But neither Jolly nor any anatomist would ever confuse the mouth of a baboon with that of a hominoid such as Ramapithecus. . . ." Unfortunately, hominoid appeared as hominid, and the meaning of the sentence was thereby improperly altered.

In Number VIII, an editorial error appeared in "Kelvin Was Not a Creationist" by Stephen G. Brush. Page eleven, paragraph four, line five read: "While the accuracy of some of these scientific developments may be disputed ... " when it should have read, "While the accuracy of some of these attributions may be disputed...." Brush did not desire to question the accuracy of Lord Kelvin's scientific developments but rather the accuracy of attributing all those developments exclusively to him.

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