Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Print Edition Contents: 29 (3)


  1. Texas Science Standards and March Madness: Did We Win or Lose?
    Steven Schafersman
    As the dust settles, activists in Texas review the outcome of interactions between the hard-line antiscience faction and moderate board members.
  2. Testimony Before the Texas State Board of Education
    Joshua Rosenau
    NCSE's Public Information Project Director makes clear to the board the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed compromises to science education standards.
  3. Collapse of a Texas Quote Mine
    Jeremy Mohn
    Much of the antiscience "evidence" in Texas relied on quote mining. Further analysis suggests that the quoter never read the original work, only misleading secondary sources.
  4. Changes in the Texas State Science Standards
    A summary of the various amendments and their dispositions.
  5. McLeroy Under Scrutiny
    Is the role of the chair of a state board of education to undermine science education?
  6. The January Amendments
    Steven Newton, Joshua Rosenau, and Eugenie C Scott
    The first — but not the last — salvo of the attack on the science education dtandards produced by the science writing committee: an analysis.
  7. Updates
    News from California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Canada, and Turkey.


  1. News from the Membership
    What our members are doing to support evolution and oppose pseudoscience wherever the need arises.
  2. New Faces at NCSE
    Glenn Branch
    Meet the new staff and say farewell to old friends.
  3. NCSE Honors "Friends of Darwin" for 2005
    Glenn Branch
    We recognize outstanding efforts in promoting evolution.
  4. The Kilosteve
    Glenn Branch
    Project Steve's 1000th "Steve" is Steven P Darwin.


  1. Facing Challenges to Evolution Education
    A classic NCSE brochure from Molleen Matsumura that is still relevant to 21st-century anti-evolutionism.
  2. Books: From NCSE's Supporters
    These books show the breadth and depth of the science that supports evolution and that our Supporters practice.
  3. NCSE On the Road
    Check the calendar here for NCSE speakers.


  1. People & Places: Dayton,Tennessee
    Randy Moore
    Famous for the Scopes trial, Dayton has preserved numerous landmarks from the events in 1925.


  1. Evolution and Religious Creation Myths: How Scientists Respond by Paul F Lurquin and Linda Stone
    Reviewed by Randy Moore
  2. Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters by Donald R Prothero
    Reviewed by Peter Dodson
  3. Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul by Kenneth R Miller
    Reviewed by Andrea Bottaro
  4. Rebel Giants by David R Contosta
    Reviewed by Sherrie Lyons
  5. Adam's Ancestors: Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins by David N Livingstone
    Reviewed by J David Pleins
  6. God or Gorilla: Images of Evolution in the Jazz Age by Constance Areson Clark
    Reviewed by Marcel Chotkowski LaFollette
  7. Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne
    Reviewed by Donald R Prothero
  8. Trying Leviathan by D Graham Burnett
    Reviewed by Arthur M Shapiro
  9. Worlds before Adam:The Reconstruction of Geohistory in the Age of Reform by Martin JS Rudwick
    Reviewed by Paul D Brinkman