Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Print Edition Contents: 28 (5-6)


  1. Updates
    News from California, Louisiana, North Carolina, Northern Marianas,Texas, and abroad.


  1. News from the Membership
    What our members are doing to support evolution and oppose pseudoscience wherever the need arises.


  1. Does Expelled Belong in the Science Classroom?
    Kevin Fisher
    Now available on DVD, should Expelled be used as a supplement in science classes?
  2. Books: Biological Lives
    Read about key players in scientific discoveries, evolutionary theory, and the advancement of knowledge about the natural world.
  3. NCSE On the Road
    Check the calendar here for NCSE speakers.


  1. A Rude Introduction to Expelled
    Eugenie C Scott
    When asked to appear in a film, NCSE's executive director usually accepts. But this time, there was a twist.
  2. Bait and Switch: Expelled's Questionable Interview Tactics
    Anne D Holden and Eugenie C Scott
    And it turns out that the producers of Expelled were less than forthcoming with other evolution advocates they sought for the film.
  3. Marketing Expelled
    Anne D Holden and Eugenie C Scott
    Opening weekend box office numbers are important to the success of a film. How Expelled's producers pulled those numbers up.
  4. Expelled Tanks at the Box Office After Big Start
    Eugenie C Scott
    The first weekend was strong, but then ... not so much.
  5. Expelled's Copyright Woes
    Glenn Branch
    Some "borrowed" segments caused legal headaches.
  6. Ben in His Own Words
    Excerpts from interviews with narrator Ben Stein.
  7. Trouble Ahead for Science
    Kenneth R Miller
    This pale imitation of science will not prepare US students to make future progress in health, agriculture, technology, engineering, or conservation.
  8. Expelled and the Reviewers
    Glenn Branch
    The movie may have sold a lot of tickets, but only 10% of independent reviewers had anything positive to say about the film.
  9. Creationists' Culture Wars: Hollywood Style
    Robert T Pennock
    Expelled is another front on the attack on science. "Academic freedom" bills are the most recent weapons.
  10. Meet the Martyrs: Caroline Crocker
    Carrie Sager and Andrea Bottaro
    She claims she was "fired", but she kept on teaching.
  11. Meet the Martyrs: Guillermo Gonzalez
    Carrie Sager
    The astronomer was denied tenure.Was it more than just involvement in ID?
  12. Meet the Martyrs: Richard Sternberg
    Carrie Sager and Eugenie C Scott
    He resigned before he allowed a controversial paper in print, then claimed persecution.
  13. Meet the Martyrs: Robert Marks, Pamela Winnick, Michael Egnor
    Carrie Sager
    Their professional lives ruined? Not by Big Science!
  14. Expelled Errors: Challenging Science
    Carrie Sager and Joshua Rosenau
    The real story of how science treats dissenters.
  15. Expelled Errors: Evolution
    Joshua Rosenau and Eugenie C Scott
    The film's errors in describing evolutionary science.
  16. Expelled Errors: "Intelligent Design"
    Eugenie C Scott and Joshua Rosenau
    One would expect the film at least to get this right.
  17. Expelled Errors: Science and Religion
    Eugenie C Scott and Peter MJ Hess
    If evolution equals atheism, why do so many religious denominations accept it?
  18. Expelled Errors: Hitler and Eugenics
    Joshua Rosenau and Susan Spath
    Hitler did not need evolution to support his ambitions.
  19. Divergence over Expelled
    Glenn Branch
    Who liked it; who didn't. And why?
  20. Why Re-Invent the Crystal?
    Gary Hurd
    The film avoided asking anyone whose research actually focuses on the relationship between inorganic crystals and early life.