Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Print Edition Contents: 27 (1-2)


  1. Updates
    News from California, Florida, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Europe, Russia, and the United Kingdom
  2. Obituaries
    Jerry Falwell, NCSE Supporter F Clark Howell, origin-of-life researcher Stanley Miller, and Texas textbook critic Norma Gabler


  1. News from the Membership
    Glenn Branch
    What our members are doing to support evolution and oppose pseudoscience wherever the need arises.

Special 10th Anniversary Pages

  1. The Evolution of RNCSE
    Andrew J Petto
    Since our new format premiered in 1997, we have grown and adapted.
  2. NCSE: A Decade in Retrospect
    Eugenie C Scott
    The changes in RNCSE reflect both changes at NCSE and in the battle against anti-evolutionism.

Members' Pages

  1. Visit Your Local Natural History Museum
    To see places around the country that feature real science, drop in on one of these, or visit on-line.
  2. Books: "Intelligent Design" on Trial
    Books about “intelligent design” and its failure to gain legal or scientific acceptance.
  3. NCSE On the Road
    Check the calendar here for NCSE speakers


  1. A Visit to the New Creation "Museum"
    Timothy H Heaton
    It’s slick, it’s fun, but it glosses over both science and conflicting creationist views.
  2. Intelligent Design 101
    James Curtsinger
    A satirical view of what a lesson on “intelligent design” might sound like.
  3. Evolution in Schools: Where's Canada?
    Jason R Wiles
    Though anti-evolutionism is not as prevalent north of the border, Canadian schools are feeling the pressure to downplay evolution.

Book Reviews

  1. Flock of Dodos: The Evolution–Intelligent Design Circus directed by Randy Olson
    Reviewed by Steven Pinker
  2. Living With Darwin: Evolution, Design, and the Future of Faith by Philip Kitcher
    Reviewed by Arthur McCalla
  3. Evolution for Everyone by David Sloan Wilson
    Reviewed by J José Bonner
  4. The Edge of Evolution by Michael Behe
    Reviewed by David E Levin
  5. Monkey Girl: Evolution, Religion, and the Battle for America's Soul by Edward Humes
    Reviewed by Warren Eshbach
  6. Doubting Darwin? Creationist Designs on Evolution by Sahotra Sarkar
    Reviewed by Michael Ruse
  7. The Creationist Debate: The Encounter Between the Bible and the Historical Mind by Arthur McCalla
    Reviewed by J David Pleins
  8. The Challenge of Creation: Judaism's Encounter with Science, Cosmology, and Evolution by Natan Slifkin
    Reviewed by Shai Cherry
  9. Not By Chance! by Lee M Spetner
    Reviewed by Zev Stern
  10. Jewish Tradition and the Challenge of Darwinism edited by Geoffrey Cantor and Marc Swetlitz
    Reviewed by Oren Harman
  11. The Evolution Dialogues by Catherine Baker
    Reviewed by Phina Borgeson
  12. Evolution and Christian Faith by Joan Roughgarden
    Reviewed by Charles F Austerberry
  13. Darwinism and its Discontents by Michael Ruse
    Reviewed by Doren A Recker
  14. Thank God for Evolution! by Michael Dowd
    Reviewed by Clay Farris Naff
  15. By Design or By Chance? by Denyse O'Leary
    Reviewed by Phina Borgeson
  16. Original Selfishness by Daryl P Domning
    Reviewed by Patricia A Williams
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