Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Print Edition Contents: 26 (4)


  1. California Schemin'
    Rob Boston
    In Lebec, California, a creationist soccer coach tries a blind-side run, but ends up with a boom ball.
  2. Problems with the Intersession Course
    Eugenie C Scott
    NCSE's executive director describes the scientific and pedagogical flaws of the proposed "philosophy of intelligent design" course in Lebec.
  3. "Critical Analysis" in Ohio: The Return of the Zombie
    Glenn Branch
    The standard that would not die rattles around Ohio's Board of Education.
  4. Evolution Safe, After a Delay, in Michigan
    Glenn Branch
    Despite pressure from creationist lawmakers, the state's board of education stands its ground on evolution.
  5. Legal Troubles Plague Kent Hovind
    Greg Martinez
    The irrepressible "Dr Dino" and his wife are convictedon multiple federal counts of tax evasion.
  6. Updates
    News from California, Texas,Canada, Germany, Kenya, and Poland.


  1. NCSE Welcomes New Staff
    Glenn Branch
    Some new faces you will see and new voices you will hear around the office.
  2. NCSE Thanks You for Your Generous Support
    Recognizing those who have helped NCSE financially.


  1. Ten (Eleven) Things Evolutionists Can Do to Improve Communication
    Randy Olson
    The director of Flock of Dodos gives free advice.
  2. Books: Mystery of Mysteries
    Books that examine evolution and speciation.
  3. NCSE On the Road
    An NCSE speaker may be coming to your neighborhood. Check the calendar here.


  1. Baraminology: Systematic Discontinuity in Discontinuity Systematics
    Alan Gishlick
    Alan Gishlick introduces the main concepts, definitions, and analytical strategies of the creationist approach to systematics intended to show that the pattern of similarity and diversity among living things is one of separation and uniqueness rather than one of common descent.
  2. ANOPA: "Statistical" Systematics for Young-Earth Creationists
    Dan Bolnick
    Research into "baraminology" uses supposedly superior statistical tools. However, they succeed only in giving a less detailed, less clear view of relationships among organisms.


  1. The Basic Types of Life: Critical Evaluation of a Hybrid Model
    Ulrich Kutschera
    In Europe, the creationist concept of "basic types" of life has made headway with a creationist textbook and even some mainstream scientific publications. Is it productive science or just sterile pseudoscience?
  2. Species, Kinds, and Evolution
    John Wilkins
    In order to study speciation, it helps to know what makes a species. Since living things are a stop-frame in an ongoing evolutionary process, defining a species can be done in various ways ...


  1. Review of Cladistics: A Practical Primer on CD-ROM by Peter Skelton and Andrew Smith
    Reviewed by Alan Gishlick