Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Print Edition Contents: 25 (3-4)


  1. New Mexico's Science Standards Do not Support the Concept of "Teach the Controversy"
    Marshall Berman and David Thomas
    When ID proponents failed to change science education standards, they tried to spin the committee's decision.
  2. Carl Baugh ... Archaeologist?
    Christopher O'Brien
    When an activist opposes the inflated credentials of pseudoscientists in Northern California, he is in for a pleasant surprise.
  3. Divine Design in Utah?
    Glenn Branch
    A state legislators keeps threatening to insert religion into the science curriculum.
  4. Creationists Sue the University of California
    Glenn Branch
    At stake: can a university enforce standards concerning pre-college academic preparation?
  5. President Bush Addresses "Intelligent Design"
    Glenn Branch
    Recent comments show the President's take on science.
  6. Updates
    News from California, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


  1. News from the Membership
    Glenn Branch
    A sampling of our members' activities and accomplishments.


  1. The Ugly Underside of Altruism
    David P Barash
    If our genes promote altruism toward closely related others, can they also promote antipathy to those most different?
  2. The Accidental Creationists: Why Evolutionary Psychology is Bad for the Teaching of Evolution
    James Miles
    If genes encode our behaviors, then why does evolutionary psychology shy away from some obvious conclusions?
  3. Evolution and the Biology of Morality
    Douglas Allchin
    How can we use evolution to understand the emergence of behaviors that we would consider "moral"?
  4. Bush Science Is a Dangerous Slope
    The editors of Indian Country Today
    The editors of a leading Native American newspaper ponder the President's take on science and religion.
  5. Bird Flu, Bush, Evolution — and Us
    Steven Salzberg
    The evolving strains of influenza virus demonstrate evolution in action.
  6. Evolution is a Winner — for Breakthroughs and Prizes
    James McCarter
    How many of the last 50 Nobel Prizes in Medicine are based on research informed by and based on evolutionary theory?


  1. Would We All Behave Like Animals?
    William Thwaites
    If we accept our evolutionary roots, are we "just" animals?
  2. Books: Evolutionary Psychology: Sic et Non
    Books that explore the concepts and critiques of evolutionary psychology.
  3. NCSE On the Road
    An NCSE speaker may be coming to your neighborhood. Check the calendar here.
  4. Letters: Steve Bratteng's 13 Answers


  1. Speciation by Jerry A Coyne and H Allen Orr
    Reviewed by Norman A Johnson
  2. Law, Darwinism, and Public Education by Francis J Beckwith
    Reviewed by Todd Mollan, Bradley J Consentino and Jason J Williams
  3. Why is a Fly not a Horse? by Giuseppe Sermonti
    Reviewed by Andrea Bottaro
  4. Faith-Based Government: The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney
    Reviewed by Robert L Park
  5. Paradigms on Pilgrimage by Stephen J Godfrey and Christopher R Smith
    Reviewed by Daryl P Domning
  6. The Trial of John T Scopes by Steven P Olson
    Reviewed by Glenn Branch
  7. Evolution, Creationism, and Other Modern Myths by Vine Deloria Jr
    Reviewed by H David Brumble
  8. Glimpses of the Wonderful by Ann Thwaite
    Reviewed by Robert Ackerman
  9. The Piltdown Forgery by Joseph S Weiner
    Reviewed by Jim Foley
  10. Controversy, Catastrophism, and Evolution by Trevor Palmer
    Reviewed by Hiram Caton