NCSE Teacher Ambassador Andy Epton named Michigan Outstanding Earth Science Teacher

NCSE Teacher Ambassador Andy Epton.

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers recently selected one of NCSE's own Teacher Ambassadors, Andy Epton, as the Michigan state winner of the Outstanding Earth Science Teacher 2023 award. The awards committee specifically cited Epton’s work as an NCSE Teacher Ambassador developing climate change lessons and sharing them with teachers across the country as one of the primary reasons for being selected for this award.

“Being a part of NCSE has really been a life changing opportunity for me,” Epton said. “I am so thankful to be a part of this group.”

Epton is a high school science teacher at the Henry Ford Academy in Dearborn, Michigan. He currently teaches earth science, environmental science, and astronomy. As a Teacher Ambassador for NCSE, he helped to write multiple lessons on climate change and the nature of science that are freely available to teachers across the country and has hosted webinars and workshops to share his knowledge of and approach to teaching about climate change.

NCSE Teacher Support Partnership Specialist Blake Touchet.
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Blake Touchet is a Science Education Specialist with NCSE's Supporting Teachers program.