Breaking Down Barriers

Supporting Community Engagement and Effective Science Communication

We have discontinued the Breaking Down Barriers program but will continue to make available its web resources. If you have questions, please email us.

Learning through play is an important way for everyone — not just kids — to experience science. NCSE launched Immersive Science Experiences in 2019 to provide opportunities for teens and adults to rediscover the fun and curiosity that is inherent in learning about science topics like evolution and climate change. The resources below can be used to host your own immersive science experience or learn more about the theory behind our approach.

NCSE Graduate Student demonstrating to three adult participants.



Climate Change Summit is a 90-minute town-hall-style game where players work together to solve a local climate issue.

In Case of Cellulose dives into the digestive tracts of four species - human, panda, horse and cow; and explores how cellulose is digested differently.