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We give science teachers the tools and skills to help students overcome misconceptions and misinformation about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science.

Blake Touchet

Dual Enrollment Biology, Environmental Science
North Vermillion High School and Abbeville High School
7/16/18 - Present

Along with his classroom responsibilities, Blake Touchet is also a Teacher Leader Advisor for the Louisiana Department of Education and a member of the Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science Teacher Corps. Additionally, Blake is currently pursuing an Ed.D. in Curriculum Leadership at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  His research interests include how teachers' beliefs about the Nature of Science and the purpose of science education influence their instructional strategies and their students' success.

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NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid explains that science is dynamic, creative, and rigrous rather than static or untrustworthy in response to questions from Blake Touchet's high school students in Louisiana. "Two Sides of the Same Misconceived Coin," part of our Misconception of the Month series, prompted the conversation.

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NCSE Teacher Ambassador Blake Touchet takes his biology students on an annual field trip to the local zoo to help them better understand biodiversity. The trip always coincides with the week of Earth Day.

“Teachers who don’t teach evolution aren’t actually teaching biology—they’re just playing a long game of Trivial Pursuit at the expense of their students,” says NCSE Teacher Ambassador Blake Touchet.

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