Science is neither a Big Box of Facts nor a Big Cloud of Hot Air

NCSE Executive Director Ann Reid explains that science is dynamic, creative, and rigrous rather than static or untrustworthy in response to questions from Blake Touchet's high school students in Louisiana. "Two Sides of the Same Misconceived Coin," part of our Misconception of the Month series, prompted the conversation.

Questions in the video:

4:12 Where does the “science is a big box of facts” misconception stem from?

5:40 Do you think the way that we’re taught science should be changed to not have this way of thinking that science is concrete and not dynamic?

10:14 Why do you think we’re not taught in that way? What is your opinion as to why today’s curriculum is textbooks and cut and dry and not encouraging us to learn science by questioning?

16:35 Do you have any suggestions for students to work on building confidence?

Paul Oh
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Paul Oh is Director of Communications at NCSE.