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Creationism or "creation science" — the belief that the origin of the world and the development of life were due to divine intervention — is not a scientific theory, but rather a matter of religious faith. As such, AJC has opposed its being taught in public school science classes and filed an amicus brief in the case of Edwards v. Aguillard in which the Supreme Court in 1987 struck down a state law mandating the teaching of creationism whenever the Darwinian theory of evolution was taught in public schools. In recent years, the forces determined to put creationism back in the public school curricula have been very active. AJC continues to oppose the teaching of "creation science" in public school science classes and opposes laws mandating its instruction alongside the theory of evolution. However, AJC does not oppose reference to "creationism" as a religious belief in elective courses, for example on comparative religion, at an age-appropriate level.

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