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For years, the Institute for Creation Research has made much of its frequent student expeditions to the Grand Canyon. Since we have so often published investigations of other creationist "field research," we began to feel that it was about time we reported on one of these. Tom McIver, a cultural anthropologist who had gained the confidence of the ICR, felt the same way and, in June 1985, went down into the Grand Canyon with a creationist study group. His recently completed and quite detailed report on the actual nature of that expedition, this issue's lead article, is an eye-opener. If you had thought that creationist "field research" on Mount Ararat and along the Paluxy River was short on scientific merit and objectivity, you will be amazed at how much less there is of it in these regular ICR treks. According to Henry Morris's cover letter accompanying the April 1987 Acts & Facts, creationist students will once again enjoy "the inspiration and excitement of the ICR Grand Canyon Tour, climaxed by a glorious Easter morning service on the Canyon rim." From Tom McIver's article, you will see how Morris's statement sums up the actual purpose of these trips so nicely.

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