Creation/Evolution Journal

About this issue . . .

"Scientific" creationists are especially concerned with human evolution. Creation/Evolution has dealt with the topic often, but this issue is particularly dedicated to the subject and the ways anti-evolutionists have misinterpreted it. Our authors address some of the most common creationist claims about the major fossil hominids-the australopithecines (and Homo habilis), pithecanthropines (Homo erectus), and Neandertals. (Modern convention tends to eliminate the "h" from Neanderthal.)

Also included is an article on an aspect of chemical evolution and the reproduction of DNA molecules. Future issues will deal with other aspects of molecular evolution. Creationist field research, more dinosauriana, transitional fossils, and the misuse of biblical literalism are also forthcoming, along with some of the backlog of book and film reviews we have accumulated.

This version might differ slightly from the print publication.