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We open with an article by leading creationist Dr. Norman Geisler, an article that provides one of the clearest cases for design that has been written in recent years. A philosophical response to Dr. Geisler's argument is provided by Frederick Edwords. Then Dr. William Thwaites uses Geisler's article as a starting point to launch into a general discussion on probabilities, natural selection, self-replication, and biological "design." This takes the reader beyond the point and counterpoint of Geisler and Edwords by providing a background understanding of biological mechanisms.

Because creationists often claim that the first moon landing offered direct observational evidence that modern theories about the great age of the moon (and the solar system) are in error, Dr. Awbrey has produced an effective response. He has investigated the creationists' own sources, plus additional material from the scientific literature on astronomy, and made this data available to show why the creationist conclusion is in error.

Continuing the exploration of biblical literature begun in the spring issue, Frederick Greenspahn offers us further insights into the various creation traditions that appear in Scripture. His article presents additional evidence that the Bible and "scientific creationism" are worlds apart.

Discussions of articles appearing in past issues close out this issue, with special emphasis being placed on Robert Moore's article on Noah's Ark, one of the most popular articles to ever appear in these pages.

All news items have been saved for a big news wrap-up next issue. That will be the last time news items will appear in the pages of Creation/Evolution. Starting with Issue XV, all news items will be published in the Creation/Evolution Newsletter, published separately by the Committees of Correspondence. Creation/Evolution journal will he exclusively devoted to articles and features. Joint subscription to the two publications will be available (see the notice on the back cover of this issue).

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