Why Teach Evolution

Scientists, authors, academics, and classroom teachers describe the beauty of evolution and the critical importance of evolution education for our nation's young people as part of our #WhyTeachEvolution campaign.

January 15, 2020
I teach my students evolution for the same reason my high school teachers taught me US history. Evolution tells us how we got here. It’s how we understand what has happened in the past, how the Earth and ecosystems have changed over time, how extinctions and climate change have affected the world,…
January 14, 2020
Growing up, I was raised to believe in a young-earth creation story according to a literal interpretation of the Genesis story in the Bible. I didn’t have my first exposure to the concept of evolution until I was a sophomore in high school. Being particularly bad at science, I had to get extra…
January 10, 2020
In the biology courses that I teach, evolution is the anchor for all my units. I use the discovery of the theory of evolution by means of natural selection to teach about the nature of science starting the first week of school. I teach about the endosymbiotic theory to explain the evolution of…
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