This Week on Friday Flicks: Friend of the Planet Award Winner Greg Craven!

This month on Friday Flicks, I bring you the third and final 2015 NCSE Friend of the Planet Award winner, Greg Craven. You might be familiar with Greg, who rocketed from mild-mannered high school science teacher to YouTube celebrity in a matter of weeks with his video, The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See. If you were one of the 6+ million people who saw his simple video, you know that Greg was the gentleman who stepped away from the climate change “debate” to ask the question: “Well, what’s the worse that could happen?” Go ahead and watch Greg’s keen (and entertaining) dissection of the issue.

After the incredible success of this video, Greg went on to put out several other videos with a risk management perspective and published a book: What’s the Worst That Could Happen? A Rational Response to the Climate Change Debate. Since its release, the book has garnered great reviews for its look at all the political players and their vested interests. There he again whittles the question down to the basics—so, if we do nothing and climate change is real, what’s the worst that could happen? Turns out, it's bad news.

For capturing the attention of an easily distracted world and putting an entirely new spin on the tediously circular climate change “debate,” NCSE is happy to present Greg Craven with a 2015 NCSE Friend of the Planet award.

And now, Friday Flick viewers, here are my questions for you:

  • Is Greg's video an effective technique for taking on the most fervent climate change deniers? Rather than addressing the science or even the politics of climate change, should we just ask the simple question—what’s the worst that can happen?
  • Who do you think this technique would work with? Greg works with high school students; do you think this simple logic could work with adults too?
  • Last, how in the world does a YouTube video filmed with a webcam get almost seven million views? Wow. 
Minda Berbeco
Short Bio

Minda Berbeco is the former Programs and Policy Director at NCSE.