Syracuse Parent-Teacher Association

Whereas minimum standards for curriculum in the public school system are set by the New York State Board of Regents; and

Whereas the board of education or such body or officer as performs the functions of such boards shall designate textbooks to be used; and

Whereas textbook publishers are under continuous pressure by special interest groups to alter textbooks to specific beliefs and/or religious points of view; and

Whereas such pressure has led to a remarkable reduction in the amount of information on evolution, biology, and related sciences in the textbooks; and

Whereas some groups have organized a sophisticated propaganda campaign to influence school boards and textbook publishers that scientific creationism should be included in the science curriculum of the public school system; and

Whereas creationism is a belief and not a science and will blur the distinction between scie, nce and religious beliefs; and

Whereas the teaching of creationism amounts to establishing the practices and beliefs of particular religious groups under the aegis of the go, vernment which is a violation of the First Amendment; therefore be it

Resolved that the Syracuse Parent-Teacher Association agrees with the New York State Board of Regents Biology Syllabus that evolution should be taught not as fact, but as a scientific theory which has substantial support from the scientific community, and be it further

Resolved that the Syracuse Parent-Teacher Association strongly opposes any attempts to insert in the science curriculum any philosophical theories not substantiated by scientific data, and be it further

Resolved that the Syracuse Parent-Teacher Association recommends that Districts, Councils, and Local Units urge School Boards and teachers' organizations to discourage any such materials in a science curriculum, and redirect it to its appropriate discipline, thereby maintaining freedom of information in textbooks; and be it further

Resolved that the Syracuse Parent-Teacher Association urge Boards of Education to establish procedures for dealing with challenges to curriculum and content of school textbooks, and be it further

Resolved that this resolution be forwarded to the New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers for consideration at its next convention.

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