Segraves et al. v. State of California et al.

(Full Title: Kasey Segraves, Jason Segraves and Kevin Segraves, minors under 14 years of age, by their Guardian ad litem, Kelly Segraves, William Dannemeyer, Michael D. Antonovich, Eugene N. Ragle and Creation Science Research Center, Plaintiffs,
State of California, Board of Education of the State of California, Department of Education of the State of California, Department of General Services, Wilson Riles, Kenneth Cory, Jessie Unruh and DOES 1 through 50, inclusive, Defendants.

On January 19, 1979, Kelly Segraves sued the State of California on behalf of his three children. Segraves, cofounder and then-director of the Creation-Science Research Center, argued that his family's right to free exercise of religion was violated by the discussion of evolution in their public school.

On March 6, 1981, Superior Court Judge Irving Perluss ruled that the teaching of evolution did not violate the Segraves' rights, but that the State Board of Education's 1972 anti-dogmatism teaching policy should be provided to all organizations, institutions and persons receiving a copy of the science curriculum framework.

All the legal documentation available to us for this case is provided at the bottom of this page. It is arranged in chronological order.


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