A second bill supporting climate change education in Minnesota

Senate File 3949 (PDF), introduced in the Minnesota Senate on March 4, 2020, would, if enacted, encourage public school districts in the state "to include practical, age-appropriate instruction on climate change in ... kindergarten through grade 12 curriculum," with "starting a school garden or composting" offered as examples.

Sponsored by Charles E. Wiger (DFL-District 43), the bill is now with the E-12 Finance and Policy Committee, as is the previous climate change education bill previously introduced in Minnesota, Senate Bill 3517.

SF 3949 is the fifteenth measure directly aimed at supporting climate change education to be introduced in a state legislature in 2020: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Minnesota (two bills), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (three bills), Rhode Island (two resolutions), and Washington (two bills).

Glenn Branch
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Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.


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