On the road again with Darwin

"Charles Darwin has a posse" © Colin Purrington.

The Darwin Day Roadshow is returning! The Roadshow is a project of the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine, in which scientists and educators share their enthusiasm for evolutionary science with students, teachers, and the general public on the occasion of Charles Darwin's birthday, February 12. "Our teams talk to students, teachers, and the general public about their research in evolutionary science, describe what it takes to become an evolutionary biologist (and what some of the rewards and challenges are), and convey why evolutionary science is relevant to everyone."

And the results are delightful: as Craig McClain of NESCent (which formerly operated the Roadshow) wrote at Pacific Standard (May 15, 2011), "for all of us the Darwin Day Road Show was a gratifying adventure that no one will forget. From the landscapes with their silos, combines, center pivot crop circles, high school gymnasiums, to the indelible interactions we had along the way, we absorbed it all." Applications from schools interested in hosting the Roadshow are now being accepted — now until November 29, 2021. Owing to the pandemic, all Roadshow events for 2022 outside North Carolina will be conducted virtually.

Glenn Branch
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Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.


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