RNCSE 35:1 now on-line

NCSE is pleased to announce that the latest issue of Reports of the National Center for Science Education is now available on-line.The issue — volume 35, number 1 — contains Andrew Hughes and Randy Moore's "Measuring William Bell Riley's Anti-Evolution Crusade in Minnesota"; Elise K. Burton's "Darwinian Ideas in the Middle East: Marwa Elshakry's Reading Darwin in Arabic, 1860-1950"; and Kyrillus Samaan Shohdy and Meena Beshir's "Scorn, Not Just Rejection: Attitudes toward Evolution in Egypt." And for his regular People and Places column, Randy Moore discusses the philosopher David Hume.

Plus a host of reviews of books on topics in biology: Andrew A. Farke reviews Brian Switek's My Beloved Brontosaurus, Daniel Loxton reviews Robert T. Bakker's The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs, David R. Schwimmer reviews Paul D. Taylor and Aaron O'Dea's A History of Life in 100 Fossils, Wenda Trevathan reviews Robert L. Perlman's Evolution and Medicine, Marvalee H. Wake reviews The Princeton Guide to Evolution edited by Jonathan B. Losos, and Marlene Zuk reviews Ullica Segerstrale's Nature's Oracle.

All of these articles, features, and reviews are freely available in PDF form from http://reports.ncse.com. Members of NCSE will shortly be receiving in the mail the print supplement to Reports 35:1, which, in addition to summaries of the on-line material, contains news from the membership, a regular column in which NCSE staffers offer personal reports on what they've been doing to defend the teaching of evolution, a regular column interviewing NCSE's favorite people, and more besides. (Not a member? Join today!)