Project Steve Update

Today seems like a good day to bring you up to date on Project Steve, NCSE's parody of the long-standing antievolutionist tradition of amassing lists of PhDs who doubt evolution. Why today? Because December 26 is, as it happens, St. Stephen's Day.

When the Steveometer hit 400, with the addition of Esteban Muldavin, we began work on a new version of our popular Project Steve t-shirt. We are now accepting orders, either on-line or by mail or telephone. The shirts are 100% cotton, gold on navy, with the Project Steve statement on the front and a list of the 410 signatory Steves on the back. They are $13.00 each, plus 8.25% sales tax for California residents, plus $4.00 domestic shipping. (Overseas customers and those ordering more than one shirt should call or write for prices.) Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.