Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Print Edition Contents: 30 (1-2)


  1. Updates
    News from California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio,Washington, the nation, and abroad — Australia, Italy, and the UK.


  1. News from the Membership
    What our members are doing to support evolution and oppose pseudoscience wherever the need arises.
  2. Celebrating the Origin Sesquicentennial
    How NCSE members marked the 150th.


  1. Responding to Ray: How NCSE Dealt With the Creationist Giveaway of Origin
    Steven Newton
    NCSE responded with and guidance for student groups.
  2. True Darwin, but False Comfort
    Eugenie C Scott
    NCSE's executive director's original comments in the US News & World Report blog.
  3. There You Go Again!
    Eugenie C Scott
    NCSE's executive director responds to Comfort.
  4. Stealing Down the Road to Perdition
    Brian Regal
    Some of the material in Comfort's introduction seemed awfully familiar to this author.


  1. People & Places: Grand Old Man of Fundamentalism
    Randy Moore
    William Bell Riley shaped and influenced antievolutionary action (and legislation) for decades.


  1. Bountiful Books
    Here is a selection of books for an overview of evolution and related issues.
  2. Meet the Mammals!
    These books focus on the evolution and diversity of those warm and fuzzy critters — mammals.
  3. NCSE On the Road
    Check the calendar here for NCSE speakers.


  1. Owen's Ape and Darwin's Bulldog by Christopher E Cosans.
    Reviewed by Ron Amundson
  2. Evolution: A Historical Perspective by Bryson Brown.
    Reviewed by Tim Berra
  3. The Young Charles Darwin by Keith Thomson
    Reviewed by Léo F LaPorte
  4. Banquet at Delmonico's: Great Minds, the Gilded Age, and the Triumph of Evolution in America by Barry Werth.
    Reviewed by Jeffrey P Moran
  5. The Tragic Sense of Life: Ernst Haeckel and the Struggle Over Evolutionary Thought by Robert J Richards
    Reviewed by Lennart Olsson
  6. Stephen Jay Gould: Reflections on His View of Life edited by Warren D Allmon, Patricia H Kelley, and Robert M Ross
    Reviewed by Kevin Padian
  7. Monkey Trials and Gorilla Sermons: Evolution and Christianity from Darwin to Intelligent Design by Peter J Bowler.
    Reviewed by George E Webb
  8. Evolution: A Little History of a Great Idea by Gerard Cheshire.
    Reviewed by Mark Terry
  9. Charles Darwin:The Concise History of an Extraordinary Man by Tim M Berra.
    Reviewed by Charles F Urbanowicz
  10. Every Living Thing: Man's Obsessive Question to Catalog Life, From Nanobacteria to New Monkeys by Rob Dunn
    Reviewed by Mark Isaak
  11. In the Light of Evolution, Vol 1: Adaptation and Complex Design edited by John C Avise and Francisco J Ayala
    Reviewed by Armin P Moczek
  12. Creatures of Accident: The Rise of the Animal Kingdom by Wallace Arthur.
    Reviewed by Christopher Nedin
  13. The Timetree of Life edited by S Blair Hedges and Sudhir Kumar
    Reviewed by Kevin Padian
  14. Natural Selections: Selfish Altruists, Honest Liars, and Other Realities of Evolution by David P Barash
    Reviewed by J Michael Plavcan
  15. Darwin's Legacy: Scenarios in Human Evolution by Sue Taylor Parker and Karin Enstam Jaffe.
    Reviewed by John H Relethford
  16. But Is It Science? The Philosophical Question in the Creation/ Evolution Controversy edited by Robert T Pennock and Michael Ruse.
    Reviewed by David B Resnick
  17. Evolution: The First Four Billion Years edited by Michael Ruse and Joseph Travis.
    Reviewed by Stanley A Rice
  18. Intelligent Design: William A Dembski & Michael Ruse in Dialogue edited by Robert B Stewart.
    Reviewed by Evan B Hazard
  19. The Evolution Controversy: A Survey of Competing Theories by Thomas B Fowler and Daniel Kuebler.
    Reviewed by Jim Hoffman
  20. The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate by John H Walton.
    Reviewed by James F McGrath
  21. For the Rock Record: Geologists on Intelligent Design edited by Jill Schneiderman and Warren D Allmon
    Reviewed by Mark A Wilson
  22. Scientists Confront Intelligent Design and Creationism edited by Andrew J Petto and Laurie R Godfrey.
    Reviewed by Joel Cracraft
  23. Nature's Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith by Daniel M Harrell.
    Reviewed by Robert Cornwall
  24. Darwin and God by Nick Spencer.
    Reviewed by John F Haught
  25. Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths About Science and Religion edited by Ronald L Numbers.
    Reviewed by Richard G Olson
  26. Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science by Robert Park.
    Reviewed by Adrian L Melott
  27. The Religion and Science Debate:Why Does It Continue? edited by Harold W Attridge.
    Reviewed by David A Rintoul
  28. Evolution and the Big Questions: Sex, Race, Religion, and Other Matters by David N Stamos.
    Reviewed by David Livingstone Smith
  29. Evolution and Religion: A Dialogue by Michael Ruse
    Reviewed by David N Stamos