Reports of the National Center for Science Education

Print Edition Contents: 25 (5-6)


  1. On, Wisconsin?
    Andrew J Petto
    From local school districts to the state legislature, evolution is a hot topic in the Badger state.
  2. Anti-Evolution Legislation in Utah
    Glenn Branch
    The next chapter in an ongoing story of one state legislator's attempt to insert religion into science curriculum.
  3. Updates
    News from Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and the United Kingdom.


  1. News from the Membership
    Glenn Branch
    A sampling of our members' activities and accomplishments.
  2. ICR's Henry Morris Dies
    Remembering the architect of creation science.
  3. NCSE Thanks You for Your Support
    Recognizing those who have helped NCSE financially.


  1. The Lay of the Land: The Current Context for Communicating Evolution in Natural History Museums
    Robert "Mac" West
    NCSE board member Mac West addressed a group of museum educators and administrators, asking,With all those dinosaurs and fossil critters, is evolution front and center in museums ... or not so much?
  2. Creationism and the Laws of Thermodynamics
    Steven L Morris
    A physicist calculates how much energy is available on earth to drive life's evolution. It turns out that we have entropy to burn!
  3. The Life Science Prize
    Michael Zimmerman
    A long-time supporter of evolution education tries to pin down a creationist on the terms of an intellectual competition to prove evolution ... and has some fun in the process.
  4. Non-Mineralized Tissues in Fossil T rex
    Joe Skulan
    Creationists have cited recent research reporting the recovery of "soft tissue" from dinosaur bones as proof that these remains must be young. What is the real story of fossilization?
  5. You Tell Me that It's Evolution ...
    Arthur M Shapiro
    A lepidopterist's research project is unexpectedly stymied by young-earth creationists.
  6. I Know a Place ...
    Phil Plait
    The creator of the Bad Astronomy web site invites readers into the world of science ... where we can know what we have not experienced first-hand.
  7. Framing the Issue: The "Theory" Trap
    David Morrison
    Anti-evolutionists make a lot of hay claiming that evolution is "only a theory".Trying to argue about the meaning of the word "theory"may be fruitless.


  1. Entropy in Muffins: Why Evolution Does Not Violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics
    Patricia Princehouse
    Energy order and disorder in baked goods: a simplified explanation of a scientific concept.
  2. Books: Getting Physical
    Books that explore thermodynamics, the Big Bang, and the age of the earth.
  3. NCSE On the Road
    An NCSE speaker may be coming to your neighborhood. Check the calendar here.
  4. Letters


  1. Response to John C Greene
    Sheldon F Gottlieb reacts to Greene's thoughts on the Claremont Conference
  2. Reply to Gottlieb
    John C Greene replies


  1. Into the Cool by Eric D Schneider and Dorion Sagan
    Reviewed by Sonya Bahar
  2. The Counter-Creationism Handbook by Mark Isaak
    Reviewed by Tim M Berra
  3. Organisms and Artifacts by Tim Lewens
    Reviewed by John S Wilkins
  4. Why Much of What Jonathan Wells Writes about Evolution is Wrong: Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells
    Reviewed by Matt Cartmill
  5. Evolution 101: Finding a Solid Introduction: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Evolution by Leslie Alan Horwitz and Evolution: A Very Short Introduction by Brian and Deborah Charlesworth
    Reviewed by Andrew J Petto
  6. Evolution — Why Bother?
    A film produced by the BSCS and AIBS
    Reviewed by Karen Mesmer
  7. The Plausibility of Life by Marc W Kirschner and John C Gerhardt
    Reviewed by Andrew J Petto