Party Time! Part 4

Themed birthday party, ca. 1910-1915, likely in New Jersey. Via Wikimedia Commons.

In part 1, I reported that in 2006, there were eight state Republican parties with antievolution planks embedded in their official platforms, and that in 2014, there were again eight such state Republican parties. In part 2 and part 3, I offered pairwise comparison between the earlier and the later versions of those planks in the states in both lists, namely Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas, along with a few comments.

It was all somewhat discouraging. But there’s hope. In 2004, I also checked the platforms of the state Democratic parties, finding none with planks opposing the teaching of evolution and only one with a plank that arguably supported the teaching of evolution: the Texas Democratic Party platform decried “efforts by right-wing extremists to censor textbooks,” presumably in part a reference to the state’s struggle over the adoption of biology textbooks in 2003.

Well, in 2014, I found no fewer than five state Democratic party platforms with planks arguably supporting the teaching of evolution: in Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Texas. To be sure, none is as explicit in supporting the teaching of evolution as any of the antievolution planks are in opposing the teaching of evolution. Still, I’ll present all of them here, even though Texas’s is the only party that had a comparable plank in 2004, along with comments.

Glenn Branch
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