A pair of climate change education resolutions in Congress

The United States Capitol building.

The United States Capitol. Photo by Kevin McCoy. CC BY-SA 2.0.

"Two-hundred student activists from across a dozen states have collaborated to write a pair of House resolutions calling on U.S. lawmakers to take action on climate change — specifically, how it affects the nation's youth and schooling," Education Week (March 29, 2023) reported.

House Resolution 259, sponsored by Mike Thompson (D-California) and Kathy Castor (D-Florida), focuses on climate change's impacts on the physical and mental health of youth. If adopted, the resolution would express the House's support for "the expansion of funding for climate education, resilience, and adaptation projects that benefit the mental health and well-being of youth."

House Resolution 262, sponsored by Barbara Lee (D-California) and fourteen of her colleagues, focuses on climate change education, observing, "youth must be educated about the causes, ongoing effects, and current and potential solutions for the changing climate." If adopted, the resolution would express the House's support for "the integration, funding, and implementation of interdisciplinary, solution-based climate education curriculum into K–12 schools."

"But with a Republican-controlled House," Education Week predicted, "it is unlikely the resolutions will pass." Previous climate change education measures in Congress have failed to pass even in Democrat-controlled chambers, as NCSE previously reported.

Glenn Branch
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