"One Hundred Years of Anti-Evolution Legislation Are More Than Enough"

Anti-Evolution League

Writing at Religion Dispatches (March 4, 2022), NCSE's Glenn Branch took the centenary of the defeat of the first anti-evolution education bill in the United States — Kentucky's House Bill 191, which was defeated on a 42-41 vote on March 5, 1922 — as the occasion to review the history of legislative attacks on the teaching of evolution.

"When it comes to evolution education, the very last thing American science teachers need from their state legislatures is interference motivated by fundamentalist antipathy to evolution," Branch concluded. "One hundred years of anti-evolution education legislation are, if anything, more than enough."

Accompanying the commentary is a photograph of a creationist billboard showing a man morphing into a chimpanzee with the slogan "Are They Making a Monkey Out Of You?" As it happens, Branch commented on the billboard campaign in 2008, observing, "That's an ape in the last panel, not a monkey." The URL on the billboard is now defunct.

Glenn Branch
Short Bio

Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.