Ohio Math and Science Coalition

The Ohio Mathematics and Science Coalition recommends the following criteria for deliberation prior to the addition or deletion of a topic to or from the Ohio Academic Content Standards for Science.

What should or should not be part of an Ohio Academic Standard for Science must be judged in the context of the nature and processes that legitimize science as an area of learning and as a discipline unique from others.

We urge that the decision to include or exclude any topic in the Ohio Academic Content Standards for Science be given consideration according to the American Heritage Dictionary definition that states "Science is the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena" (adopted by the Ohio Mathematics and Science Coalition) and the following three criteria:

1. The topic must be consistent with the body of scientific knowledge, the processes employed by science, and the ways of reasoning scientifically that constitute acceptable scientific professional practices, and with the discipline of science.

2. The topic must contribute to the curriculum enabling a student to think and function as a person who is well versed in scientific literacy, understands the nature of science and the tools a person employs in drawing conclusions, and making conjectures through science.

3. Science must be the appropriate discipline in the curriculum where a student should engage the topic.

The Ohio Mathematics and Science Coalition believes that "Intelligent Design" does not meet the above criteria and, therefore, does not have a place in the Ohio academic content standards for science.

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