NCSE's counter-Heartland flyers

Cover of Heartland booklet with suitable warningNCSE is pleased to announce the on-line release of three flyers addressing the Heartland Institute's recent mailing of unsolicited climate change denial propaganda to science teachers across the country.

"Have You Received This? Then Read This" (PDF; one page) briefly explains why using the material in the classroom would be a mistake. "Top 5 Reasons Why This Book Doesn't Belong in Classroom" (PDF; four pages) amplifies, noting that the material gets the facts wrong, misrepresents the scientific consensus, slanders the gold standard of climate science review, contradicts state science standards, textbooks, and curricula, and uses sham citations and dishonest tactics. "Heartland's Claims Against the 97% Climate Consensus" (PDF; six pages) debunks a central claim of the material — that there is not a robust scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change — and explains the significance of the scientific consensus.

For further resources about the material, see the April 14, 2017, summary at NCSE's blog as well as a later story in Deutsche Welle (April 21, 2017) and Curt Stager's recent op-ed in The New York Times (April 27, 2017).