NCSE's Branch warns Iowa about fake climate experts

Campus of Iowa State University

Iowa State University campus. Photo by Dirk DBQ. CC BY 2.0.

After a member of Iowa's Board of Regents offered climate-change-denying material as a counterweight to a new climate science degree program at Iowa State University, NCSE's Deputy Director Glenn Branch commented that she "provided Iowans with a teachable moment about climate change and the nature of science in general."

Writing in The Gazette of Cedar Rapids (August 19, 2022), Branch explained that the material she recommended seeks to convey the false impression that anthropogenic climate change is scientifically controversial, while in fact "there is no ongoing scientific debate about human activities causing climate change."

Observing that Iowa is already experiencing the effects of climate change across the state, Branch concluded, "In helping to prepare Iowa’s students for the challenges of the warming world they will inhabit, it is imperative that Iowa State, and Iowans in general, rely on real, rather than fake, experts."

Glenn Branch
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Glenn Branch is Deputy Director of NCSE.