NCSE Marched for Science

Whew! What a week it has been for science. It is not every weekend that tens of thousands of science enthusiasts take to the streets across the nation. As I am sure you have read by now, NCSE was an early partner for the March for Science. Ann Reid, our executive director, explained why we wanted to participate here. She also recently shared what she would have said if she was a speaker at the rally.

I had the honor of marching for science with Ann and the UCSF Science Policy Group here in DC. NCSE staff Rae Holzman and Nina Hollenberg participated in the San Francisco, with our previous executive director Genie Scott.  Stephanie Keep represented NCSE at the Boston march. Below are some of our favorite pictures from marches across the nation!

While marching for science was fun it is only the beginning of how we should be supporting science. Have a few minutes? Contact a local teacher, thank them, and tell them about the resources at NCSE for teaching climate change and evolution. Have a few dollars? For the price of two unicorn Frappuccino you can purchase supplies for 100 people to participate in hands-on activities at Science Booster Club events. Those unicorn drinks don’t even have coffee in them! NCSE is clearly offering the better deal. 


The home office in matching “Science makes you strong” shirts, which you can purchase here.

Rae with her "Science makes you strong" poster in San Francisco


NCSE's previous executive director, Genie Scott

In Boston, children enjoy the portable touch tanks provided by the New England Aquarium.


A future astronaut at the Boston march for science


Check out all of the logos on the rally banner in Washington, DC

NCSE members meet together to march with UCSF's Science Policy Group. We are sporting "polar ice caps" made by NCSE member, Toby.



Claire Adrian-Tucci
Short Bio

Claire Adrian-Tucci was NCSE's Regional Community Organizer and Manager.