Judgment Day wins a Peabody Award

Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial, the NOVA documentary about Kitzmiller v. Dover, was among the recipients of the 67th Annual Peabody Awards, which "recognize distinguished achievement and meritorious public service by TV and radio stations, networks, producing organizations, individuals and the World Wide Web." According to a press release issued on April 2, 2008, "The centerpiece of this thoughtful, topical edition of NOVA was the recreation, verbatim, of key testimony and argument from a six-week trial in Pennsylvania that served as a crash course in modern evolutionary theory, the evidence for evolution and the nature of science." NCSE congratulates the producers of the documentary -- NOVA/WGBH Educational Foundation, Vulcan Productions Inc., and The Big Table Film Company -- on the honor.

Judgment Day was broadcast on November 13, 2007, receiving high praise from reviewers, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jonathan Storm, who wrote [Link broken](November 13, 2007) that it "stoutly defends science against the attack of the surprisingly hard-to-pin-down intelligent-design brain trust." It is now available on home DVD and at the show's website, which also includes a variety of supplementary materials: interviews with Kenneth R. Miller on evolution, Phillip Johnson on "intelligent design," and Paula Apsell on NOVA's decision to produce the documentary; audio clips of Judge John E. Jones III reading passages from his decision in the case and of various experts (including NCSE's Eugenie C. Scott) discussing the nature of science; summaries of the evidence for evolution and the background to the Kitzmiller case; and a host of resources for teachers.

We can't afford to lose any time when it comes to the future of science education.

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