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We help students overcome common misconceptions about climate change, evolution, and the nature of science.

Jerry Citron

Biology teacher
Stuyvesant High School
New York
New York
7/18/19 - 6/30/21

Along with teaching general biology and AP environmental science, Jerry Citron teaches two biology electives he designed himself: Human Infectious Diseases and Pathophysiology. As a former medic, he is also the coordinator for the medical internship program at Stuyvesant High School for rising seniors interested in the medical field. Citron strives to provide his students with a variety of problem-solving skills using hands-on approaches, project-based learning, and analysis of case studies that they can apply to the different science disciplines and in their lives in general. He is a Fund for Teachers grant recipient, a Math for America fellow, National Geographic Grosvenor teacher fellow and an AP environmental science reader for the college board.

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