Happy Darwin Day!

In addition to the usual reasons for us to celebrate Darwin Day, we have three more.

First, due to popular demand, Alan Gishlick's acclaimed critique of Icons of Evolution, "ICONS OF EVOLUTION? Why much of what Jonathan Wells writes about evolution is wrong," is now available in PDF format on the NCSE web site. You may download the critique as one file (broadband connection is recommended) or as individual chapters.

Second, we are pleased to announce that Wesley R. Elsberry has joined the NCSE staff as Information Project Director. Dr. Elsberry's research interests include biosonar signal production and physiology in bottlenose dolphins, the effects of sound on marine mammals, cognition and behavior, artificial neural systems, and evolutionary computation. His interest in the sociopolitical phenomenon of antievolutionism dates back to 1986.

And third, we are also pleased to announce that Nicholas J. Matzke has joined the NCSE staff as a Public Information Project Specialist on a one-year appointment. Mr. Matzke's research interests concern evolution in a spatial context, particularly issues surrounding dispersal and convergence. In the area of science education, he is working on rebuttals to specific antievolutionist claims about the evolution of biological complexity.