A glimpse of The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth

The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth cover

NCSE is pleased to offer a free preview (PDF) of The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth: Can Noah's Flood Explain the Grand Canyon, edited by Carol Hill, Gregg Davidson, Tim Helble, and Wayne Ranney (Kregel Publications, 2016). The preview consists of the foreword, by Wayne Ranney, and chapter 7, "Using the Present to Understand the Past," by Stephen Moshier and Gregg Davidson, which discusses modern environments that are "comparable to Grand Canyon landscapes that existed in the past."

Praising The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth, Davis A. Young writes, "The authors, most of whom are Christians, have systematically contrasted the claims of so-called flood geologists with the actual details of Grand Canyon geology. In doing so, they have utterly demolished the flood hypothesis with an avalanche of geologic evidence sufficient to fill a canyon," and John W. Geissman adds that the book is a "[r]ichly illustrated, superbly organized, and exceptionally readable overview of the Grand Canyon."


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