Get Ready for Friday Flicks!

Last month when I ended "Fossil Friday", I promised I would create a new regular feature where we could dish on some issues close to NCSE's heart, such as evolution, climate change, education and, surprise, surprise science denial! 

That new feature? "Friday Flicks". On the last Friday of every month I'll suggest a movie for us to watch over the weekend, and then we can chat about it in the comments section. Remember our rules about being good commenters (my mom might read this!)  Please keep it cordial, friendly, troll-free and try not to resort to personal, political or religious attacks.

For our very first Friday Flick, I'd suggest a Frontline documentary called Climate of Doubt that was released when I first started at NCSE in 2012.  I think it does a nice job of highlighting the landscape of climate change denial and the challenges for groups like NCSE. But what do you think?

You can watch the video here, and then return to start chatting.

Some questions we might discuss:

  • Do you think the film made its case convincingly?
  • Did the film change your view of how climate change is debated in the political and public spheres?
  • How do you think an educator might use this film in their class? 
Minda Berbeco
Short Bio

Minda Berbeco is the former Programs and Policy Director at NCSE.