Friday Forage

The sun has set on "Fossil Friday", but it is rising on a new type of historical dig on our blog. A virtual scavenger hunt if you will.

Working on the transition to our new website, I got to take a deep dive into NCSE’s dark internet archives – and wowie kazowie there is a lot there! I was delighted to come across the announcement of my hiring  – hurray! I immersed myself in pages and pages of scientific annotations of creationist texts. I also found some unusual pieces of NCSE history. Did you know we used to have something called the “Upchucky Award”?

So, as an introduction to the new website, we thought we’d ask our readers to take their own deep dive into our many resources.

Am I going to ask you how can you sign up for Action Alerts? Eh, that’s a little too easy.

How about, where does one learn about Science Booster Clubs? Please, that’s a simple find.

I’m going to require you to do a little more digging…

Can you find the “Kitzmiller v. Dover: Intelligent Design on Trial” page without doing a site search (no help from Dr. Google on this one)? Bonus points if you can find it in Spanish!

The first person to find the page (and tell me how you got there) will get a swanky NCSE gift!

I realize that this is going to be extra tricky because we are still working with our developers to iron out the bugs on our site. So, a search in one direction may very well lead you to another. But in my experience, pretty much anywhere you go will turn out to be interesting.

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole and good luck!


Minda Berbeco
Short Bio

Minda Berbeco is the former Programs and Policy Director at NCSE.